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Last updated date : March 01, 2017

S.N. Office Tender/Prequalification Notice Status Close Date
11 Load Dispatched CenterSupply and Works for the Rehabilitation/Upgrade of the existing Load Dispatch Centre (LDC) at Siuchatar,Kathmandu and for a Back-up LDC to be implemented at different location

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New 2017-05-10
12 Upper Arun and Ikhuwa Khola Hydroelectric Project,Environment and social studies DepartmentNepal Electricity Authority (NEA), intend to construct Upper Arun Hydro-electric Project (UAHEP) and IkhuwaKhola Hydropower Project (IKHP) located in Sankhuwasabha district of eastern development region. The Environment and Social Studies Department (ESSD) of the Engineering Service Directorate of NEA is conducting Fisheries baseline study of Upper Arun Hydroelectric project as a part of Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) of the proposed Project. The ESSD is seeking qualified national consulting firm for the collection of site specific baseline data for the fisheries and aquatic wildlife study in and around Upper Arun and Ikhuwa Khola. The task to be completed under this assignment will be site specific and conducted at local level.

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13 New Butwal-New Kohalpur-Surkhet-Upper Karnali 400 kV Transmission Line Project, Kharipati, BhaktapurConsulting Services for Engineering and Environmental Study of Kohalpur-Surkhet-Upper Karnali 400kV Transmission Line and Kohalpur-New Butwal 400kV Transmission Line under the Project Preparatory Facility for Energy

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1. EOI Notice
2. Project Information Sheet
3. Term of Reference
14 Reconstruction and Improvement of Electricity in Earthquake Affected Districts. The Government of Nepal has received a Grant from the KfW Development Bank (KfW) towards the Reconstruction and Improvement of Electricity in Earthquake affected Districts Project. Part of this grant will be used for payments under the contract named above. Bidding is open to all Bidders without nationality restrictions.
Tender No. and Title: ICB-REIP-073/74-01, Lot 1: Immediate Relief Measure Works (Supply, Delivery and Installation of Line Materials)

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4. Deadline Extension
15 Planning and Technical Services Department, Distribution System Rehabilitation Project (Rehabilitation of Existing 33/11 kV Substations)The Government of Nepal has allocated funds towards the cost of Rehabilitation of existing 33/11 kV Substations and Nepal Electricity Authority intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the Contract for ICB/PTSD/2073/074-01"Rehabilitation of Existing 33/11 kV Substations." Bidding is open to all eligible Nepalese and Foreign Bidders.

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16 Upper Arun Hydro Electric ProjectThe Government of Nepal has obtained financing from the World Bank toward the cost of
Power Sector Reform and Sustainable Hydropower Development Project (PSRSHDP)
and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), as one of the implementing agencies,intends to apply
part of the proceeds to procure consulting services for Environmental and Social Impact
Assessment (ESIA), Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) and Social Planning Studies (SPS)
of Upper Arun Hydroelectric Project (UAHEP),and IkhuwaKhola Hydropower Project (IKHPP)
(“the Projects”).

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1. Project Information Outline
2. EOI Notice
3. Amendmend Notice
17 MARSYANGDI CORRIDOR 220 kV TRANSMISSION LINE PROJECTProcurement of Plant for Udipur-Markichowk-Bharatpur 220 kV Transmission Line (Design, Supply and Install) Single-Stage, Two-Envelope Bidding Procedure
Loan No: FIN 84.065 SERAPIS No. 2013-0599
Invitation for Bids No.: ICB-PMD-MCTLP-016/17-01

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3. Volume III (Cover)
4. Volume III
5. Volume II (Sec 1-11)
6. Addendum I
7. Amendment I
8. Clarification I
9. Amendmend II
10. Amendment II Deadline Notice
11. Clarification II
18 Dudhkoshi Storage Hydroelectric Project1. NEA/ESD/DKSHEP-T-01/2073/74/Works/NCB: Core Drilling
2. NEA/ESD/DKSHEP-T-02/2073/74/Works/NCB: Construction of test Adit.

Dudhkoshi Storage Hydroelectric Project, Nepal Electricity Authority.

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1. Invitation for Bids
19 Grid Solar and Energy Efficiency ProjectDesign, Supply, Installation/Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 11/0.4 kV Distribution System
Contract ID Number: GSEEP/W/ICB-03
Credit No: 5566-NP
Grid Solar and Energy Efficiency Project

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1. IFB
2. Bidding Procedure
3. Technical Specification
4. BOQ and Price Schedule
5. Amendment 1
20 GRID SOLAR AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY PROJECTPreparation of DLRMP, Design, Supervision and Monitoring of Loss Reduction Project
Reference No.: GSEEP/CS/QCBS-02

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1. EOI Notice
2. TOR