Nepal Electricity Authority

About Us

NEATC is to be strengthened day by day to be a sovereign academic institution capable to cope with the training requirements of power sector of the country.

Finally NEA Training center aims to be developed as a engineering and management center of excellence .It also aims its academic standard to be comparable with the best SAARC regional institutions.

Physical Facilities
Academic Rooms
We have modern academic and admin buildings with /> - 24 general and 2 large classrooms.
- 2 small and 2 large technical drawing rooms.
- 6 instructor's rooms.
- 4 small and 2 large syndicate rooms.
- 12 gents and 8 ladies ladies toilets and 20 urinals.
- 17 large office rooms, 1 meeting halls, 1 waiting hall and 1 reception room.
- 3 guard houses with 3 rooms in each, 2 small stores and 2 large Godowns.

Seminar Halls - We have two well furnished, air conditioned, large seminar halls with the capacity of 150 persons with multimedia as well as audio video services.
Workshops and laboratories
- We have own electrical and mechanical workshops with different types of machines and equipments.
- We also have simulation lab of generation, transmission and distribution operation in power system.

Meter testing laboratory
- The meter testing laboratory in the center is used to train the participants for meter testing course. However the laboratory can also serve to test meters of DCS branches as well.

Computer laboratory
We have two computer laboratories with air conditioned, networked, with internet and audio video facilities.

Communication facilities
- 3 numbers of telephone lines with fax.
- Internal telephone line network with head office through optical fiber.
- Email, internet facilities using ADSL modem through NTC.
- Planning for high speed internet using optical fiber that has been installed recently.

The organization structure of the NEATC has designed to cater present and future training needs of NEA. This comprises of the main academic divisions headed by a joint director who assesses training needs and ensures that all the training programs are implemented as per approved schedule. Generation, transmission, distribution, IT, and management sections operate under the direct supervision of academic division. Each training center is headed by a section chief who is assisted by experienced and qualified trainers/instructors to ensure that high quality of training is imparted to all the participants .It is proposed to expand the training activities of the center by introducing new training courses in the future.

Academic facilities
Facilities to trainee and trainers
NEA board has approved certain additional facilities to the trainees, trainers and other staffs of training center. These facilities includes :-
- 25% special allowance to all the staffs working in the training center.
- 25% special allowance to the instructors who undertake more than 10 classes in a month.
- Resource persons outside NEA,Inside NEA and from training center are paid differently per class for officer level and assistant level respectively.
- Coordinators and asst. co-coordinators are paid for their assistance at work.
- Trainees are paid dearness allowances and incentive to the extent for officer and assistant level respectively.
- Transportation facility from central office to the training center is available.
- Refreshment is served during opening and closing ceremonies of training /seminar programs.

General informations
Trainees only qualifying to the criteria are eligible for registration upon submission of letter of nomination from their concerned dept. head. These nominations are to be received by the Training center at least a week before the program starts.

The venue of all the programs is currently at NEATC office in kharipati ,Bhaktapur or any other locations fixed by NEATC Department. Current Training courses
- Generation
- Distribution
- Transmission
- Information technology
- Hydropower
- Management
- General