Nepal Electricity Authority

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Salient features of new LDC
  • Supervision and monitoring is done through computer based Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.
  • Total of around 5,000 nos. of real time data is collected at any instant.
  • Power stations and substations spread across the country are connected.
  • Functionality of remote control of CB, network analysis (to perform security analysis), load frequency control (to optimise power system operation).
  • Integrated telephone system throughout the INPS.
Real-time data are collected from the existing control panels in each substation/power station through Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). The RTUs communicate with the Master Station (located in Siuchatar) through dedicated data channels. Fiber Optics, Power Line Carrier and Pilot cable have been used as the communication media.

With the availability of real time data and better communication system, better co-ordination of shutdown of Power Stations and Transmission lines has become possible. This has improved the overall availability of power stations and transmission lines. Also, time required for restoration of the power system (in case of black-outs) have been minimized, thereby generating more revenue for NEA. Several fibers have been leased to Nepal Telecom and other private companies thereby generating additional revenue for NEA.

For the continued smooth functioning of the INPS, it is necessary that the data acquisition from the power stations and substations be updated according to the latest changes/modifications in the respective stations.

SCADA System
Located in the LDC Master station Building, Siuchatar
  • Main Computer Servers along with printers, monitors and rear projection system.
  • Communication system based upon Fiber optic, Power Line Carrier and Pilot cable.
  • Main telephone exchange with remote subscriber to all power stations and substations.
  • Tele Control Interface cubicle.
  • Other facilities: transformers, LT panel, diesel generator, UPS system, battery, battery charger, fire alarm system.
Located in Power stations and Substations
  • Remote Terminal Unit.
  • Related interfacing equipment and connection with the control panels.
  • Communication equipment: fiber optic cubicle / power line carrier cubicle and telephone system.
  • Battery and battery chargers.